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Firmware for ZNB (8)

Title File Version Date
How to Apply Patches against the Vulnerability CVE -2019 20192019-0708 (“BlueKeep”)

This document describes the procedure how to apply the Microsoft patches to R&S devices running Windows XP or Win7 operating systems in order to harden against CVE-2019-0708 exploits.
Please be aware, that only Windows XP (Embedded) and Windows 7 instruments are affected. Windows 10 instruments are not affected.

600 kB 1.1 11-Jun-2019
R&S®ZNB Firmware 64-bit V2.94

For installation please follow the instructions in chapter 2 of the Release Notes.

305 MB V2.94 08-May-2019
R&S®ZNB Release notes V2.94

It is important to choose the correct FW application type (32-bit or 64-bit). See "Application Type" in About-Dialog (SYSTEM > HELP > About...). If you do not find an entry "Application Type" in the About-Dialog, you are using an older 32-bit Version.

32-bit application can only be updated with 32-bit Version. The 64-bit application needs to be updated with a 64-bit version (Setup files with "x64" in the name).

2 MB V2.94 08-May-2019
R&S®ZNB, ZNBT, ZNC and ZND Open Source Acknowledgment 1 MB 03 04-May-2018
R&S®ZNB Firmware 32-bit V2.94

For installation please follow the instructions in chapter 2 of the Release Notes.

228 MB V2.94 08-May-2019
Remote Access RS instruments in light of CVE-2018-0886. V1.01 324 kB V1.01 15-Jun-2018
Vector Network Analyzer Translation Setup 32-bit 21 MB 29-May-2017
Vector Network Analyzer Translation Setup 64-bit 21 MB 29-May-2017
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