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Duisburg / Munich 12-Sep-2023

Rohde & Schwarz invests in high-end technology from Duisburg

The Munich based technology group continues to expand its development capabilities for highly specialized microchips. With a new location in the center of Duisburg, the privately owned business is making a commitment to R&D in Germany, also helping strengthen the country’s technological and digital sovereignty.

The political and industrial sectors are in complete agreement about the importance of Germany’s technological and digital sovereignty. Essentially, it is about maintaining or even expanding national capabilities to shape key technologies. However, another important goal is to avoid being dependent on single sources when it comes to setting up and securing digital infrastructures. That is why the ability to develop highly specialized microchips is indispensable.

Rohde & Schwarz has championed research, development and production in Germany for 90 years. With new offices and development labs in the Ruhr region, the company is reconfirming its commitment to Germany. Together with the company’s headquarters in Munich and other locations around Germany, the new Duisburg site is helping drive the development of application-specific ICs for test and measurement equipment.

Standard microchips or custom production

When it comes to test and measurement equipment, microchips play two important roles. Firstly, they determine the performance of electronic devices tested using test and measurement equipment before they go out into the world. These devices include smartphones, microwaves and electronic control units for vehicles. The microchips in these devices are mostly standard components produced in large numbers by semiconductor manufacturers. In their second role, microchips are part of the test and measurement equipment. Some are custom-made since standard microchips cannot cover all requirements. After all, test and measurement equipment needs to be able to perform better than the device being tested.

Rohde & Schwarz develops microchips that can deliver this high-end performance. “We make the necessary measuring instruments available even before tomorrow’s technology reaches the consumer market,” says Bastian Nagel, Site Manager Duisburg from the Corporate R&D Division of Rohde & Schwarz.

Universities and research institutes as a location advantage

Nagel’s team develops application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). These microchips are tailored to a specific task, which makes them incredibly efficient. However, they also require more development work, making them the polar opposite of mass-produced devices. They are typically used in test systems for the automotive industry, in cellular networks and in wireless devices. For example, a significant percent of all smartphones are developed, approved and produced using Rohde & Schwarz instruments.

Going forward, the team will shift its focus to include hardware development and system architecture. With an area of 1,500 square meters, the new offices boast state-of-the-art development labs with plenty of space for these new activities. Moreover, the site is close to the main train station in Duisburg. Commenting on the advantages of the location, Nagel says, “We benefit from our proximity to outstanding universities and research institutes, and also have excellent connections to the rest of Germany and Europe.”

Rohde & Schwarz invests heavily in R&D, with one in four employees working in either research or development. With its focus on T&M equipment, communications and data, the technology group is making an important contribution to the technological and digital sovereignty of Germany.

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