1GP52: Generating 3GPP Multi Carrier Signals for Amplifier Tests with R&S®SMIQ03HD and R&S®WinIQSIM™

Power amplifiers for WCDMA/3GPP base stations should have the best possible spectral purity and smallest intermodulation distortion, in order to prevent disturbance of the neighbouring channels. To test such amplifiers, signal generators are required that can generate WCDMA signals with low noise and intermodulation over a very wide dynamic range. The R&S SMIQ03HD signal generator with its outstanding Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) performance is especially designed for these applications. This application note describes how to use SMIQ03HD to get the best performance with 3GPP single and multi carrier signals.

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1GP52_0E.pdf Application Note English 0E 02.09.2002 4 MB
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