Online Technology Talk

Our next Online Technology Talk 30.09.2021

Deep Learning in Microwave-Imaging for Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

Security service providers need innovative technology solutions that can adapt instantly to current and emerging threats. As security threats evolve rapidly today, these technology solutions must be able to do so faster than ever before.

And that's where Rohde & Schwarz solutions come in. We are among the leaders in developing and delivering high-performance technology, and our security solutions are in use every day in many sectors such as aviation, energy, spectrum monitoring, communications or cybersecurity.

What to expect?

In an exciting presentation, our colleague Christoph Baur, Director Software Imaging Products, will provide insights into Deep Learning in millimeter-wave radio technology at Rohde & Schwarz. With a focus on the areas of loss prevention and asset protection, you will learn in 45 minutes how deep learning methods are used in millimeter-wave radio technology to successfully detect smuggled goods, for example, or to be able to recognize unauthorized items.

Afterwards, you will have time to discuss the topic with our expert. Of course a member of our HR team will be on hand to answer any career-related questions.

When: Thursday, September 30, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

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