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Environment tab on EMCAN64


I have tried to set up EMCAN64 together with EMC32 V11 and CANalyser.

Somehow I not see the Environment tab on EMCAN.

Would you please check?


The R&S EMCAN64 software, commanded by EMC32/ELEKTRA during EMS Test, queries the values of predefined CAN / LIN or FlexRay bus signals and system variables. "Environment Variables" being observed with CANoe only. If you are using CAN Analyzer this facet can not be displayed.


Environment tab on EMCAN64
Environment tab on EMCAN64

In this case, please upgrade from CAN Analyzer to CANoe. Please keep in mind that CAN Analyzer and CANoe are not Rohde & Schwarz products. For the upgrade information it is recommended to contact the responsible software vendor.