This video introduces you to the main benefits of our new Campus Dashboard Software: Perform several different functions on many instruments in parallel! Just download your pre-configured class layout according to your lab and get started! You as a lecturer will have complete remote control of your students’ measurement instruments and their individual settings. Control and change the settings of all students at once, make screenshots of your students work and collect their results after a test. Even projecting one device’s results onto all other workbenches – all of this with just a few mouse clicks!

Even the time-consuming and sometimes ponderous firmware updates can now be done remotely from the lecturers’ computer for all selected devices all at once: Just download the update to the computer, enter campus dashboard software and select the instruments where you would like to install the update. The new Campus Dashboard Software of Rohde & Schwarz simplifyies and speeds up many teaching routines in labs for large student groups.

Get your free demo version now – it’s available on our website!

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