Bring real mobile network environments into lab

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R&S®Field-to-Lab R&S®Field-to-Lab R&S®Field-to-Lab R&S®Field-to-Lab

Key facts

  • Simulate real mobile environment in lab with ease
  • Extract only needed information from bulky field logs
  • Replay Cell and Broadcast information for LTE, WCDMA and NB-IoT
  • Import important L3 Signaling and/or RF data for LTE and NB-IoT
  • Reproduce field issues with automatic test script creation functionality

Designed to bring real mobile network environment into lab with ease

Simplifies and accelarates the daunting task of recreating field configuration/issues in lab

R&S®Field-to-Lab empowers its user to import the mobile network configuration recorded in field trials or drive tests into lab environment. 
R&S®Field-to-Lab can automatically recreate field environments in lab thereby reducing the time and expense of drive tests and giving the ability to reproduce issues almost infinitely. Be it network cell information, Rx power levels and/or signaling message contents, R&S®Field-to-Lab can import any or all of this, thereby providing the configurability and flexibility user desires.

Features & benefits

Avoid frequent and multiple drive tests

Quick and easy way to test devices with real network configuration​

  • Designed with a simplistic wizard approach, Field-to-Lab is easy to learn and use
  • Mutliple drive tests in the same location can be avoided by re-creating cell, broadcast and dedicated signaling data in lab
  • Hard to manually reproduce RF data, can now made available on our simulator using Field-to-Lab
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Unmatched advantage

Reduce time, save cost and benefit from infinite problem reproducibility

Field logs in various file formats: No problem

Field-to-lab is not bounded to a single chipset or scanner log format

  • Logs generated by R&S network scanners and scanners from other vendors are supported by Field-to-Lab
  • Most widely used chipset log formats are inherently supported
  • Field-to-Lab offers a open log format thereby enabling proprietary logs to be converted to open log

Such unbounded support of multiple log formats makes Field-to-Lab versatile and as a result provides flexibility to its user

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Log formats

Various Chipset, Scanners and open log formats are supported

Multi folded usecases

Aim is not only to create test scripts out of field logs, but much more...

  • Reproduce field issues by creating a test script from field logs
  • Enhance your existing test suites written in R&S CMWcards or R&S PQA by applying real field configuration from field logs
  • Highly flexible configuration options let the user exactly specify the information to be extracted from field logs

With support of such variety of usecases and configurations, users can fufill their testing requirements accurately

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R&S CMWcards Signaling Tester

Test scripts from Field logs in R&S CMWcards application

Available options

General analysis
Product Description


Order number 1211.2850.02


Field-to-Lab Signaling Extension


Order number 1532.5015.02


Field-to-Lab Power Replay Extension

Introducing R&S®Field-to-Lab

Introducing R&S®Field-to-Lab

This video introduces R&S Field-to-Lab application and answers the questions why, what and how it works.

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