Correctional facility security solutions

Correctional facility security solutions

R&S®QPS - prison security solutions

Security screening for correctional facilities

Meet the R&S®QPS - the new standard for security in correctional facilities. With an exceptionally high scan resolution, this scanner is ideal for preventing threats and contraband from entering prisons.

The R&S®QPS uses millimeterwave (mmWave) enhanced advanced imaging technology (eAIT), which employs a higher frequency range than legacy AIT technologies. As such, it can detect objects and material in much smaller quantities than other scanners on the market. This results in a higher probability of detection (Pd) and a lower probability of false alarms (Pfa).

The eAIT used by the R&S®QPS is combined with an AI-based algorithm that can be trained to detect all kinds of objects - from drugs to weapons and even mini Bluetooth phones. This allows the scanner to meet the specific security requirements of correctional facilities. At the same time, it is not limited by a list of the particular objects it was trained with. Instead, it looks for general anomalies to discover novel threats.

R&S®QPS security scanners are used in many high-security facilities worldwide. Current customers include the Swiss Armed Forces Logistics Organisation (AFLO) and the Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI).

R&S®QPS Walk2000 - non-invasive visitor screening

The entry points of correctional facilities are key areas that are vulnerable to smuggling. Screening visitors is crucial to preventing the flow of drugs, phones, USB sticks, weapons and other prohibited or potentially dangerous objects from entering a facility. This is especially true for prisons with unarmed security staff.

Screening can be unpleasant for visitors. The R&S®QPS, however, ensures a comfortable scanning experience with an intuitive screening posture, short scan times and an open screening environment.

Your prison security challenges

There are several core challenges for correctional facility security screening:

  • Small object detection: Many smuggled objects are small and can be difficult to detect.
  • Managing peak time shift changes: Prison staff work in shifts, and thorough security measures can often cause long queues during shift changes.
  • Detection of various object classes: From drugs to mini Bluetooth phones, security staff need to check for a wide variety of objects.
  • Non-intrusive visitor screening: Constant manual searches would be unpleasant for visitors, such as lawyers and inmate family members.

High-performance screening for prison security

With advanced mmWave technology and AI-based algorithms, the R&S®QPS detects contraband and dangerous objects at market-leading speeds and resolution.

The R&S®QPS Server is the central security management system for the R&S®QPS. It provides a centralized overview of all the scanners in a facility or distributed over the country. It can also be used for data backup as well as performance analysis.

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz correctional facility security solutions

  • Performance insights
  • Utilization monitoring (see from centralized place how scanners are used in the prison)
  • Different screening modes
  • Algorithms that can be trained to specific objects of interest
  • Touchless screening
  • Best-in-class detection capabilities
  • Modular design for future integration
  • Server for statistical data

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