Connected cars are increasingly complex

Automotive connectivity and infotainment

Testing the increasingly complicated selection of wireless interfaces for performance, compatibility and interoperability

Connected vehicles offer a wide range of vehicle applications based on the 2G, 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G standards. From infotainment features to vehicle manufacturer applications with backend communication (e.g. OTA firmware updates) to automatic emergency call (eCall), more and more services are becoming available in vehicles. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X, V2V, V2I) communications will play a crucial role in achieving full autonomous driving.

Your challenges

Developments for connected vehicles and onboard equipment present new challenges and regulatory requirements for suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Features of our solutions

Rohde & Schwarz provides the automotive industry with standards-compliant test and measurement solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and correct functioning from the physical layer up. Rohde & Schwarz is the ideal partner for measurement solutions in the development process of all current and future mobile communications standards as we move towards the fully autonomous vehicle.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Lower development effort through the use of Rohde & Schwarz leading solutions for testing wireless technologies throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Increase the quality of your developments by using industry-proven products
  • Future-proof investments in products from a supplier who strategically focuses on telecommunications technology

Automotive connectivity and infotainment test solutions

5G in automotive


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C-V2X, 802.11p

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Vehicle Access Control


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Automotive emergency call

eCall, NG-eCall, ERA-GLONASS

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Satellite positioning

GNSS, GPS etc.

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Car radio testing

DVB-T2, XM Radio, DAB

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TCU production testing

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Wi-Fi in automotive

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Bluetooth in Automotive

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Automotive connectivity and infotainment videos & webinars

Explainer video: How Rohde & Schwarz uses it wireless expertise to benefit the automotive industry

Explainer video: How Rohde & Schwarz uses it wireless expertise to benefit the automotive industry

Watch this video for an explanation on how R&S leverages its expertise to allow the automotive industry develop and verify leading-edge chipsets, modules and vehicle features.

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Webinar: How to ensure LTE and 5G automotive voice quality

Join this webinar to learn how to conduct comprehensive, standards-compliant tests and enable 5G and 4G voice quality to be optimized.

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Webinar: Ensuring NB-IoT Device NTN Performance

In this webinar, we will explore the latest market trends and best practices for testing and optimizing NTN devices, the NTN market status, use cases and testing aspects associated with NTN-IoT devices.

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Explainer video: High precision GNSS for automotive applications

Explainer video: High precision GNSS for automotive applications

This video explains the principles of high precision GNSS and how it can be used for advanced automotive applications such as ADAS. It then shows how to test the technology throughout the integration chain from chipsets to modules and vehicles.

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How high precision GNSS enables new automotive applications

Webinar: How high precision GNSS enables new automotive applications

In this webinar, you will learn about the basic principles of high precision GNSS, how GNSS networks and error correction work, how to use high precision GNSS for automotive applications and how to test high precision GNSS.

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Safer roads by verifying critical C-V2X infrastructure and communications

Webinar: Safer roads by verifying critical C-V2X infrastructure and communications

Register now and learn more about how C-V2X communication works, verification of roadside units as critical traffic infrastructure and in-field measurements, and verification of C-V2X.

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Ensuring C-V2X performance from lab to proving ground

Video: Ensuring C-V2X performance from the lab to the proving ground

Because cellular V2X enables safety-critical functions, its correct operation must be ensured in demanding environments. Watch this video.

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Webinar: Advances in C-V2X and Automotive Connectivity

Join this webinar to learn about developments in C-V2X standards from LTE to 5G and about the status of global and regional markets with solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Webinar: How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity - Teaser

Webinar: How to successfully test todays 5G automotive connectivity

In this webinar you will learn more about the basics of 5G network topologies and its challenges for RF and protocol stack testing.

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Webinar: Testing ultra-wideband for automotive applications

Gain insights into testing UWB for Automotive applications, and learn about UWB technology and the related test requirements.

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Webinar-teaser: The road to 5G in Automotive connectivity

Webinar: The road to 5G in the automotive connectivity

Can 5G keep its promises for a better transportation system of the future?

With this webinar, you can explore the evolution of network-based (Uu interface) connectivity as well as the direct (non-network-based) V2V/V2X communication and the PC5 interface and related challenges.

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Related resources for Automotive connectivity and infotainment

Poster: Vehicle features supported by automotive connectivity

Download this poster to get an overview of existing and future automotive functions and capabilities supported by wireless connectivity; from emergency call to in-car theater and teleoperated driving.

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Poster: How high precision GNSS enables new automotive applications

This poster shows the different types of error sources and explains how high precision GNSS calculates and transmits error correction data to vehicles.

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Education note: How network scanners verify C-V2X communication

This educational note describes the C-V2X theory and how traditional scanner measurements regarding RF signal power and quality can be combined with ITS message decoding for all three regions (North America, EU, China) in the real world.

More information

Application card: Scenario based testing of C-V2X applications in lab and field environments

This application card shows you how do you test safety-critical C-V2X applications in lab and field environments with reliable and repeatable results. There is an overview of the test solution from R&S in cooperation with test services provider Vector, including emulating complex traffic learn scenarios.

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White paper: 5G NR-V2X for enhanced automotive communications

This white paper provides a technology deep dive into architecture, protocols and physical layer of 5G NR‑V2X communications in line with 3GPP Release 16. Learn how NR‑V2X cooperates and interoperates with legacy V2X communications like LTE-V2X and extends its capabilities.

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Poster: How C-V2X makes driving safer and more efficient

Download or order this poster to get a comprehensive overview of applications enabled by C-V2X; including example scenarios, an explanation of the different types of communications and a list of regional standards bodies.

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White paper: Wireless communication for automotive

Today’s and future’s intelligent transportation systems must support communication technologies ranging from network-based V2N to direct communication V2X. In this white paper, Rohde & Schwarz experts examine relevant use cases, network-based communication technologies (LTE, 5G), direct communication technologies (DSRC, LTE-V2X, 5G NR-V2X) and present leading-edge test and measurement solutions for guaranteed success.

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Application note: Telematics control unit – design and testing considerations

Register and learn more about:

  • Various features of the TCU
  • Key design considerations
  • Testing aspects that can help automotive OEMs and Tier-1s to ensure proper functioning of the TCU

More information

Poster: The road to 5G in automotive

Follow the evolution from LTE to 5G in the automotive industry at one glance and learn exemplary use-cases of cellular NETWORK based automotive connectivity as well as on direct vehicle communication between traffic participants and its basic technology aspects and their use-cases.

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Application note: Teleoperation - remote operation of connected & autonomous vehicles

Register and learn more about:

  • Requirements for teleoperations
  • Technology enablers (5G and LTE)
  • Test equipment and test setup for teleoperation

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Our experts

Christian Hof

Christian Hof, Rohde & Schwarz

"The automotive industry is going through what is arguably the greatest period of transformation since it was formed. There is no doubt the evolution to autonomous vehicles (AV) will fundamentally change this industry. Connectivity plays an important role in enabling the vehicles to exchange information with the world around them. Rohde & Schwarz offers a broad range of test and measurement equipment for testing the connected car and the way customers experience mobility in the future."

Chibba Manish

Chibba Manish, Rohde & Schwarz

"Wireless connectivity in cars is turning out to be a standard option that enhances the user car experience and greatly improves road safety. Proper functioning of these wireless connectivity modules is crucial, and Rohde & Schwarz makes sure they do – with the right product portfolio building on the R&S CMW500 protocol tester. Be it cellular or non-cellular connectivity, products from Rohde & Schwarz ensure that these connectivity modules are always reliable in the real-world automotive environment."

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