Enhance your test setup

Enhance your test setup

MIMO and beamforming applications require special consideration

Leading-edge test and measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz meet these requirements

The RF system in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) and beamforming applications requires a standard, good RF performance, and the following also need to be considered:

  • Phase control, phase stability over time and temperature control
  • Synchronization in time and signal, transit time of the various paths

To translate this into practical testing needs, best practices include:

  • Locking and controlling the RF phases between test signals in different paths
  • Ensuring accurate time sync between different channels for receiver testing

Rohde & Schwarz signal generators provide full control of coherent, time-synched signals in an easy and stable way.

Highlighted applications

1 GHz reference for phase-coherent signals

Phase stability over time is a key characteristic for phase-coherent signals. A common 1 GHz reference signal maintains high phase stability.

More information

Phase Coherence Measurements with R&S®NRQ6
Phase Coherence Measurements with R&S®NRQ6

Phase Coherence Measurements with R&S®NRQ6

Multichannel measurement of CW and modulated signals

With the R&S®NRQ6-K3 phase coherence option, the R&S®NRQ6 power sensor offers a simple solution to perform outstanding phase coherent measurements.

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