LTE RF-Measurements of UEs

Short designation: TR108-17E Mobile Communication


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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the fastest growing wireless standard to date. Consequently the number of commercial LTE networks is growing rapidly worldwide. In turn the demand for suitable user equipment (UE) is also increasing. At first LTE-capable USB-dongles were commercially available. Meanwhile more and more LTE-capable smart phones are being offered. Testing the RF characteristics according to TS 36.521 is essential for the development of the chipsets, as well as for the manufacturing process and the test of the complete device.

Developers and test engineers in the business of development, production and testing therefore need to understand the LTE technology at least on the physical layer and master the LTE standard compliant tests and measurement methods.

This seminar provides an overview of LTE air interface measurement parameters and measurement methods. There is a description of the test setups according to LTE recommendation TS 36.521, as well as the measurement method and the interpretation of the measurement results. Mobile communication standards are supporting more and more multimedia applications like internet access, voice over packet switch services and video streaming. To guarantee the service quality also aspects of application testing will be mentioned in this seminar.

The participants should already have a good knowledge of the LTE technology, especially of the LTE air interface.


  • Transmitter Characteristics:
  • Power Measurements
  • ON/OFF Time Masks (General, PRACH, SRS)
  • Error Vector Magnitude Measurements
  • Carrier Leakage
  • In-Band Emissions for Non-Allocated RBs
  • EVM Equalizer Spectrum Flatness
  • Occupied Bandwidth
  • Spectrum Emission Mask
  • Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio
  • Receiver Characteristics:
  • Reference Sensitivity Level
  • Maximum Input Level
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity
  • In-Band Blocking
  • Narrow-Band Blocking
  • Application testing:
  • Aspects of application testing, data end to end
  • Example application testing: FTP, HTTP, Iperf, ping
  • Voice over LTE, VoLTE testing aspects

Target Group

  • This course is aimed at engineers and technicians from the fields development, production, quality-testing, certification and network operation, as well as people with technical interest.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR108-17E: LTE RF-Measurements of UEs: (on request)
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