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Connection of DUT and Link partner with test fixture RT-ZF2


For some Ethernet compliance tests it is necessary to connect the DUT with a Link partner

I have checked the connection trace on the test fixture RT-ZF2 and found that there are only two lines between the two RJ45 connectors.

So the connection can not be established.


It is correct that not all lines are connected between link partner (X203) and DUT (X200). Some of the lines must go to the part where the probe is connected. Otherwise the RTO can not detect and check the signals.

Please check if the position of the jumper X206 ist set correct.

You also have to take care that DUT and link partner work with the same speed (100 MBit/s). Otherwise the communication will not work.

As an alternative you can set the DUT to a special test mode. For details how to do this please contact the manufacturer. Then you do not need a link partner.