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FSx doesn't recognize active probe RT-ZS30


We have an issue with our FSx and the RT-ZS30 probe: the FSx does not automatically recognize the probe

Could you please help us to solve this blocking issue.


You can work with the RT-ZS30 connected to the FSx as follows:

+ The RT-ZA9 provides an interface between the probe's BNC socket and an N socket and also supplies the probe with the necessary supply voltages via the USB connection. Simply connect the probe via the adapter to the analyzer and power it up by connecting the adapter to a USB port. Correct the 10:1 ratio of the probes by entering a level offset of 20 dB.

+ Since dBm refers to signal power into 50 ohm and probes are not terminated with 50 ohm, it is recommended to set the units in the FSx to dBuV or V

+ The <Found New Hardware> window: When an R&S RTO probe is connected to a spectrum analyzer with WinXP, the Windows operating system will try to install the new USB device and will start the <Found New Hardware> wizard.

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