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How to use the ZVH Wizard


I am using a R&S ZVH Cable and Antenna Analyzer trying to build some automated measurements sequences using the ZVH Wizard. It is not clear for me, how to setup the Wizard step by step.

When I try to build a new measurement, i got stuck after defining the Wizard Settings. The measurement settings are blured out and I am not able to save the configuration. Instead I get the message "A Measurement Set with no Measurement is not allowed. Please select at least one Measurement in the Measurement Table".


Best way to show the usage of the ZVH Wizard is an example explaining step by step. Let’s say we want to measure in an area of 50 up to 500MHz with RG-213U cable and have some measurment on defined frequencies.

Step 1 - Prepare and save a Dataset on the instrument

To be able to use the wizard, we need to prepare a Dataset defining the desired frequency range, the working mode and the desired markers first. The instrument should be in the „Antenna and Cable Test“ mode (just fort he case, your unit has some other mode options). It is more comfortable to perform these steps in Instrument View using the Remote Display. Allways the first step should be to get into a well defined state of the analyzer by pressing the [PRESET] Button.

  • After that press [FREQ]
  • Press (Start) and enter 50MHz
  • Press (Stop) and enter 500MHz
  • [MEAS]-(1 Port-Cable-Loss)
  • [SCALE / AMPT] – (Range / Ref pos) – 10dB
  • [MARKER] – 100MHz (New Marker) – 250MHz (New Marker) – 350MHz

Step 2 - Save the dataset using Instrument View

After the workspace is completely defined, we save it to a Dataset.

  • In Instrument View click on „Instrument“ / „Active to Dataset“
  • A new window will open for saving the work space now. You don’t need to change the folder.
  • Let’s use „Dataset_50-500.set“ as name for our file. And save it.

Step 3 - Defining the Wizard

  • Open the ZVH Wizard by clicking „Preparation“ / „Wizard Sets“
  • Choose the ZVH
  • You can find your data set in the left upper frame – please click on it and take it to your measurements by using the +(Add) key.
  • Type in all the Wizard informations:
Wizard informations

We do not use a dedicated calibration and do not encrypt for the moment.

Cable definition for antenna and cable test
  • Select the cable using the „Browse“ button
  • If the desired cable is not in the list, you are able to define a new one in the „Preparation“ / „Cable Models“ menu.
  • Change to the „Measurement Settings“ Tab in Instrument View and put in the following values:
Measurement settings
  • Click the „Save“ button and name your Wizard settings (e.g. RG213-20m.mdf)

Step 4 - Sending the Wizard file to the instrument

  • Open the file transfer window by clicking on „Instrument“ / File Transfer“
  • Choose the „Wizard Sets“ folders to the left (Instrument) and the right (Computer) side.
  • Then choose the recently generated Wizard file „RG213-20m.mdf“ at the right and press the transfer button:
Wizard file

Step 5 - Using the measurement on the instrument

  • [Preset] your Analyzer
  • [WIZARD]
  • (Load Meas Set)
  • Choose your set by clicking in the arrow-keys
Select measurement setup
  • (Select)
  • (Start Meas Set)
  • Your measurement will now start. All the following steps can be completed by pressing (Continue)
Prepairing new measurement
Cable loss