FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Use of Frequency Counter


The frequency of my signal can be measured with normal markers, but I want to

have it more accurate. Is there any solution and what is the reason for the

limited accuracy?


The frequency resolution of the marker readout is limited by the number of display points on the frequency axis.

This limits the accuracy.

Especially in the case of large span values, the absolute frequency error can be significant. If the measurement

signal is not exactly on the grid, this will cause a frequency error when markers are used for measuring.

The error is directly related to the limited number of measurement points.

The MARKER COUNT softkey allows you to activate a frequency counter that counts the frequency of the signal

at the marker position. You do not have to change the setup to use it. The counter can be activated with sweep

setting in the MARKER menu. The frequency resolution can also be changed. Since this function counts the

actual signal frequency, it is more accurate than the built-in frequency reference of the analyzer.