Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M


Broadcasting systems have different capabilities for distributing audio and/or video signals. Rohde & Schwarz supplies instruments for digital and analog baseband generation, modulation, demodulation and analysis, as well as baseband analysis. Broadcast T&M instruments help network operator’s to guarantee a proper network set-up and operation and to secure the financial investment. Rohde & Schwarz T&M instruments also support CE manufactures to develop and manufacture CE goods in an efficient, precise and cost-optimized way.

  • R&S®SFD DOCSIS® Signal Generator

    Single channel DOCSIS® Signal Generator for DOCSIS3.1 downstream and upstream

    • Downstream: 47 MHz to 1218 MHz (extendable to 1794 MHz)
    • Upstream: 5 MHz to 204 MHz
RF signal generators
RF signal analyzers
Audio/Video signal generators
Audio/Video signal analyzers
  • R&S®VTC-VTE-VTS Video Testers

    AV interface testing of consumer electronics devices

    • Universal platform for HDMI™, MHL™ and analog AV interfaces
    • Protocol compliance testing
    • Enhanced video and audio analysis
    • Touchscreen user interface with multilingual support
    • Integrated test automation and report generation
  • R&S®DVMS Digital TV Monitoring System Family

    Ensuring high quality of digital TV network operation

    • Simultaneous monitoring of up to four signals
    • RF modules for DVB-T/DVB-T2 and DVB-S/DVB-S2
Automated Testing Solutions
  • R&S®TS9980 EMS Test System Audio and Video + TV-Mon

    EMS measurements on sound broadcast and TV receivers, satellite receivers and DVB receivers

    • Industrial standard for certification testing of consumer electronics (CISPR20/EN55020 standards)
    • EMC test software R&S®T80-Kx for maximum performance
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