Communications systems

Communications systems

As a turnkey supplier for communications, Rohde & Schwarz is a reliable partner, supplying integrated communications systems.

Today’s naval forces require reliable, interception- and jam-resistant voice and data connections. Rohde & Schwarz, having supplied armed forces with communications systems for decades, is the turnkey supplier for secure naval communications solutions for naval vessels in worldwide deployment.

To ensure maritime stable and secure connectivity, we bring extensive experience and knowledge in supplying integrated communications and network systems to naval platforms and naval, joint or allied communication networks.

As your partner for all your maritime communications needs, we offer our operationally proven and reliable NAVICS ICS for all on-board communications and SOVERON for all external communications. Our systems can be customized for all classes of ships, turn-key from one supplier with long availability of spare parts and support. An all-IP architecture offers a maximum of flexibility in design and service, incl. future midlife upgrades.

The independent company has decades of experience in technological innovation for naval applications.

From a comprehensive range of solutions that ensure high connectivity and secure and interoperable communications, providing LOS and BLOS communications, Rohde & Schwarz ensures that challenging naval requirements are met by providing outstanding reliability to ensure information superiority in any type of scenario.

Components for those solutions can include products of Rohde & Schwarz, third-party components and customer’s legacy or government furnished equipment. We ensure the reliable integration of all equipment and subsystems into a superior communications system. A one-stop-shop for all your maritime communications needs.

We have provided more than 40 navies with state-of-the-art technology and offer the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of full naval network centric operations suites.

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Main components


THE integrated communications system for all surface vessels and submarines.

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Trusted communications architecture, enabling information superiority.

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Antenna systems

Customized integrated antenna systems for naval platforms.

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HF high-power transmitters

Introducing the new HF high-power transmitters for beyond line of sight communications.

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Shore communications systems

Naval shore infrastructure for C4I (BRASS and SSSB).

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IP Management & Routing

Dynamic control of IP based data streams.

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