Mobile Radio Stations

Mobile Radio Stations

Mobile Radio Stations

Mobile radio stations are the primary means of handling communications pertaining to the operation and control of aircraft in a given area. Equipped with transmitters and receivers, or transceivers, they provide voice and data link communications with aircraft operating in the very high frequency (VHF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) ranges. Operational air traffic control (ATC) is of paramount importance, especially in areas hit by disaster or other adverse impacts on critical infrastructure. The need for mobile ATC solutions for emergency or redundancy purposes is increasingly urgent, and Rohde & Schwarz offers mobile ATC shelters enabling air navigation service providers (ANSP) to get safe air traffic operational in minimal time.

Rohde & Schwarz mobile ATC shelters are designed for rapid and flexible installation for disaster relief, ad hoc deployments and special events. For example, the lightweight shelters can be deployed by helicopter or a small truck with a forklift, making them ideal as a quick reaction to adverse conditions. The shelters can be equipped with a complete system of CERTIUM Radios, as well as a unique 24 volt on-board battery system that enables the shelter to operate without power for several hours. A diesel-powered generator can then be deployed to ensure longer operation. The R&S®RCMS II umbrella software solution, lets engineering personnel monitor these radios and 3rd party equipment from one or more locations.

For ATC mobile radio stations, Rohde & Schwarz provides a future-proof, IP-ready solution that enables the modernization of air traffic control communications in mobile environments. Our CERTIUM components, built on EUROCAE ED-136 and ED-137 standards, harness the benefits of IP technology, including high flexibility and network resilience, to ensure reliable and efficient communication between air traffic controllers and pilots in mobile scenarios. To guarantee the continuous availability of these critical communication systems, our R&S®AVQA analysis system provides real-time monitoring and analysis, utilizing passive mid-point data flow analysis to detect and report any issues, ensuring that every link is fully functional and operational, and air traffic controllers can maintain safe and efficient communication with aircraft even in mobile environments.

As a solution that is air/land transportable, ruggedized and rapidly deployable by a small team, this shelter reflects Rohde & Schwarz’ excellent reputation as a global technology leader in ATC. Mobile shelters in various configurations are an ideal backup when ATC infrastructure is affected by natural disaster, attacks or other failures.

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