Rohde & Schwarz RSS Feeds

Rohde & Schwarz RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing content through the internet. Subscribing to the Rohde & Schwarz RSS feeds allows you to receive our news as soon as they are published. You will receive titles, summaries of the article, and links back to the Rohde & Schwarz website for detailed information. The Terms of Use for Rohde & Schwarz RSS-feeds (see below) govern your use of this service. Our syndicated feeds are provided in RSS 2.0 format.

To use RSS, you will need to update your bowser to the newest available version, or to download a special RSS news reader software from a software provider, that will allow you to collect and display RSS feeds, first. Many different readers are available, and most are free of charge.

To use Rohde & Schwarz RSS feeds in your news reader, please follow the instructions below

  • If you use an RSS news reader browser extension:
    • Choose the topic from our list of RSS feeds and click on the blue RSS button.
    • Click on the "Subscribe" button on top of the page
  • If you use RSS news reader software:
    • Choose the topic from our list of RSS feeds and click right on the blue RSS button, select "Copy URL".
    • Paste the URL into your newsfeed application.

News Feed

Stay informed about various topics with our Rohde & Schwarz RSS Feeds.

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Application Note Feed

All new and updated application notes will be delivered to your feed reader.

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Application Card Feed

Get interesting application cards delivered directly to your desktop.

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Manuals Feed

This RSS-Feed keeps you informed about new and updated product manuals.

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Firmware Feed

Need the latest version of firmware for your Rohde & Schwarz device? Just subscribe here.

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Software Feed

Make sure you always have the latest software for your Rohde & Schwarz device - subscribe here.

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Driver Feed

Get informed about any new drivers available for your Rohde & Schwarz product.

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Terms of Use for Rohde & Schwarz RSS Feeds

The use of Rohde & Schwarz RSS feeds is free of charge. Please feel free to use Rohde & Schwarz RSS feeds to augment content on your own Web site or blog, or for viewing through a newsreader application to keep informed on the latest news of our company. Rohde & Schwarz reserves all ownership and other rights in the RSS feeds including all rights in any logos, trademarks or trade names contained in these feeds. We require proper format and attribution (included in each RSS feed) by listing Rohde & Schwarz in text as the source for each article.

You may not: charge additional fees or licenses for the Rohde & Schwarz RSS feed content; put the RSS feed to other uses, including, without limitation, the corporation of advertising into the RSS feed; insertion of any intermediate page, splash page or other content between the RSS link and the applicable Rohde & Schwarz content; editing or modification of the text, content or links supplied by Rohde & Schwarz; or publication of the full text of the RSS feed content. Rohde & Schwarz may modify the list of available RSS feeds or the content of those feeds at any time without notice. Rohde & Schwarz may revoke RSS syndication privileges at any time for any reason.

The RSS feeds and the XML code are provided as-is. Rohde & Schwarz shall in particular make no warranty or representation that Rohde & Schwarz RSS feed will meet your expectations, requirements or will be uninterrupted or error-free. Rohde & Schwarz assumes no liability for any of your activities in connection with the RSS feeds.

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