1GP77: dB Calculator

30 dBm + 30 dBm = 60 dBm? It is well known that it is not as easy as that.

This application note supplies a free of charge software tool that can be used to add or subtract an arbitrary number of powers. In addition, the software can be used to convert power and voltage units from the linear to the logarithmic scale (and vice versa), convert linear power and voltage ratios to decibels, and convert a VSWR to other reflection quantities.

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1GP77_6e_dB_Calculator.pdf Application Note English 6e 22.06.2015 1 MB
dBCalculator_3_0_0_1.exe Application Note File English 24.08.2015 17 MB
dBCalculator_3_0_0_1.dmg Application Note File English 24.08.2015 23 MB
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