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Welcome to People behind technology, the interview podcast for all technology enthusiasts out there!

What do cloud technologies and mailboxes have in common? Will my customer advisor at the bank be a computer in the future? And when does the job feel like science fiction?

Join us as our experts provide exciting insights. Whether it's our COO or a development engineer, in our podcast you'll encounter a wide variety of life stories and mindsets. Be inspired by our passion for technology and learn more about future technologies such as quantum computing, AI or 6G, which Rohde & Schwarz is already working on today.

Listen in and let us inspire you!

Our latest season: Be entrepreneurial – Insights from the R&S management

5 Episodes

  • Spectrum Monitoring with Martin Schelkle

    "Frequencies cannot be arbitrarily multiplied, and we always need to find new ways to efficiently utilize them."

  • Teamwork with Jennifer Mertens

    "One person alone cannot know everything, and there is always someone who knows something better than you. However, there is no one who knows things exactly the way you do."

  • Location Based Services with Abhay Phillips

    "In case of an emergency in a building, it is crucial for the rescuers to know whether I am on the second or tenth floor."

  • Handmade Quality with Martin Henkel

    "I need hands-on technology and want to see how the product is created in the manufacturing process."

  • 16-Oct-2023 | People behind technology

    Invisible security with Christoph Baur

    "If we have a new software, we try it out right away. That's a feeling that cannot be replaced."

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R&S Podcast Hosts

About our hosts

People behind technology is hosted by Lorena Messmann-Vera and Max Henninger.

Lorena is an engineer and project manager at Rohde & Schwarz and values agile methods as a tool for tomorrow's working world. With her Ecuadorian roots, she brings a broad view of intercultural aspects in addition to her technology know-how.

Max is an electrical engineer and marketing professional in one. He works in our Rohde & Schwarz University Recruiting Team, where he comes up with exciting event formats for students, among other things. When he's not hosting our podcast, he lives out his passion for theater and inspires people of his hometown of Munich as a city tour guide.