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AMS32 Signal Path Calibration, ensure that valid CAL Data are loaded on the OTA Network Analyzer


I want to perform a signal path calibration with ZNB. If I do this, the following message appears:

What does it mean, do I have to perform a calibration without AMS32, is this correct?

How is the calibration done? I'm thinking about doing calibration directly at the ports. We have an Automatic Calibration Unit, which I normally connect with cables (e.g. ZV-Z192). Is it also possible to eliminate these cables and their attenuation?


The AMS32 is checking if the Vector Network is calibrated or if a suitable calibration file suitable is loaded.

If the device is not calibrated, the mentioned message is displayed. In this case, you can perform a calibration or, if you have already saved one on the device, load it.

Auxiliary cables that were used during a TOSM calibration are part of the calibration, they are automatically taken into account.

If you do not want to receive the message, this message can also be suppressed. To do this, please open the Properties of the OTA Network Analyzer driver.

If the check should be skipped completely, please select "Never". If the check should take place only once after starting the software, please select “Once after software start”.

AMS32 Signal Path Calibration