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CMA180 - Demodulator output to AFx-Out


I want to use a separate oscilloscope for audio measurements on my CMA180 and unfortunately found no way to provide the demodulator output except the PHONES plug.

If I occupy this port, I will no longer be in the situation, to listen to the signal while measuring. Is it possible to provide that signal also on one of the two AFx OUT ports?


While working in the "Expert Mode" the demodulated signal can be easily put to the desired ports:

  • Change to the "Analyzer" TAB
  • Press the "Play" button
  • Open the analzer setting by clicking on the cogwheels in the right lower corner
  • Change to the "AF Settings" TAB
  • Change to the "AF" TAB on tghe lower line of the "AF Settings"
  • Enable the "AF1 OUT" switch
  • The AF signal is present on the AF1 OUT port from this moment on. All the AF measurements and the audio output on the CMA180 can still be used.
CMA180 Anayzer Configuration
CMA180 Anayzer Configuration
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  • It is also possible to change the impedance settings of this port in [SETUP] / Base / AF1 OUT
CRM180 impedance settings
CRM180 impedance settings
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