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Convert trace data to Excel format


I used the FileView program for my R3131A. This software allows

trace data from my spectrum analyzer to be converted into Excel format.

Is there also a conversion tool for the U37xx analyzer series?


The FileView software can be used to convert trace data from the

- U4341, U4342, U4941, U3641, U3661

- R3131/A

- R3132, R3162, R3172, R3182

- R3263, R3463, R3465, R3272

- R3267, R3273

into Excel format.

For the U37xx analyzer series, you can use the XML Viewer tool.

XML Viewer makes it possible to convert trace data from the U37xx series

into Excel format, e.g. in order to view and/or print graphics and/or edit

measurement results including marker information.

XML Viewer is available free of charge from the Rohde & Schwarz download area on the

U37xx product page or from your local Rohde & Schwarz sales partner.

Before using XML Viewer, you must install the XML4 Microsoft module on your PC

(file msxml4.dll).