FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Installing a USB-GPIB adapter


I want to connect an external device via GPIB. I have a USB-GPIB adapter from National Instruments.

How can I install this adapter?


Put the whole installation software from National Instruments, including the VISA, on a USB stick.

Plug the USB stick into the ZNB/ZNC and start the installation program.

When installation begins you will be asked for the administrator password of the ZNB/ZNC.

This is:


After entering the password, follow the instructions of the installation program and install the IEEE488.2 driver and the VISA.

During installation you will be informed that there is another VISA from Rohde & Schwarz installed and that this DLL will be renamed. This is OK.

A reboot is necessary after installation. Reboot the ZNB/ZNC. Now you can plug in the USB-GPIB adapter and connect the external device.