FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Phase noise measurements


I want to perform a phase noise measurement of my DUT using my U37xx analyzer,

but the U37xx is only equipped with a phase noise marker. Is there any other

way to measure the phase noise


Yes, there is an additional software to measure phase noise with the

U3741/U3751/U3771/U3772 analyzers. This software can also calculate

phase jitter.

To run the software you need a PC with Microsoft Windows 98 (or later),

Microsoft Excel (Excel 98 or later), a National Instruments GPIB interface and

a GPIB cable. The phase noise measurement software is available free of charge from

the download section of the U37xx product page or from your local Rohde & Schwarz sales partner.

For the first run, start Microsoft Excel. Open [Tools], [Macro], [Security],

select “Medium” and click [OK].

Open the downloaded phase noise measurement software. You will see the phase

noise measurement setting sheet.

Using this sheet, you can make all the RF and GPIB settings required in order to start your

measurement with the [Phase Noise Measurement] button.