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Remote control via drivers: How to set the ports in RSZVB_Select_Calibration_Type


When I use the RSZVB_Select_Calibration_Type, I have the four ports Port 1 to Port 4

I want to use Port 1 and Port 3, so I tried to switch them on by setting the value to 1 (the default value) and to switch off Port 2 and Port 4 by setting the value to 0.

But this does not work. How do I set the ports?


Yes this is a bit confusing.

Port 1 does not mean Port 1 on the VNA. It means the first port and here you have to enter which VNA port should be the first port.

In your example, you set the value of Port 1 to 1 and the value of Port 2 to 3. The values of Port 3 and Port 4 have to be set to 0.