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Simultaneous NB IoT Signaling tests in parallel


It is required to run two simultaneous NB IoT Signaling tests in parallel. Is this possible for a CMW call box tester?


It is indeed possible to activate two NB IoT Signaling Windows in parallel using one CMW500/290. This is however dependent on the HW configuration since only one baseband module, signaling unit, TX module or RX Module can be used by only one FW application at a time. Below screenshots show the procedure for setting up such configuration on a CMW500 having enough modules to support such scenario. Key requirements have been marked in red.

NB IoT Signaling 1:

NB IoT Signaling 2:

One can double check the scenario using the Block View,

Without above settings the user may typically see the message "Resource Conflict" while trying to turn on two simultaneous Signaling Windows.

Reference: CMW500 Base User Manual (see supported signal paths)