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The distance-related 2D chart view does not display any data.


In version 3.14 it seems to be possible to display measurement data not only in time-related, but also in distance-related 2D chart view, this option was not available in earlier versions. Although I am using a trigger unit (the so-called Trigger Box) as mentioned to be necessary in the configuration menu, I don't see any data then, only in time-related setting.


From the ROMES point of view the distance-related 2D chart is working. But we found that it was also necessary to modify the Trigger Box firmware, version 3.5. From ROMES 3.15 onwards, the new Trigger Box firmware version 3.6 will be distributed with the installation CD-ROM, also the necessary update tools. After the update to 3.6 and ROMES 3.15 has been performed, the distance-related view will be working. In the Service Manual of your measurement system you can find information on how to check the Trigger Box firmware version as well as how to do the update.