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Unit Conversion


For my everyday EMC measurements, I have to convert units, for example

dBm to dBµV or dBpW to dBuV. Is there an easy way to convert a value into another unit?


In addition to application note 1GP77 with the "R&S dB Calculator" software,

application note 1MA85 with the "Field Strength and Power Estimator" software

and application note 1MA98 "dB or not dB? Everything you ever wanted to

know about decibels but were afraid to ask…", the EMC32 features a unit

converter function.

The F12 function key and 'Extras' => 'Unit Converter' open a dialog with a

function to convert a measurement value from one unit into another, for example

1 dBm into dBµV.

This dialog contains the following elements:

Input value with unit, Output value with unit, Impedance, Convert Now, Swap Input <-> Output.

For automotive measurement applications, a VSWR calculator is also available.

You can selected which of the following parameters should be calculated:

VSWR, Net Power, Pmid Power, TEM Cell Attenuation.