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Why is it necessary to define a Test Template?


I have installed EMC32, and now I want to run my first measurement. Why is it necessary

to define test templates before running an EMI test?


To run an EMI measurement, EMC32 requires information about the frequency

range in which the EUT interference is to be measured.

The settings of the receiver parameters to be used during the measurement run

must also be defined. These settings typically depend on the standard

according to which the EUT is to be tested. They are stored in a file

called 'Test Template for EMI Scan/Sweep.'

The configuration of the measurement system used is not stored in this

test template, but in an additional file called 'Hardware Setup' that has

to be selected in the test template editor. The use of test templates has the

big advantage that the measurement can be started without first having to

define all parameters.