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Experience the uniquely personalized, high-quality content from the whole Rohde & Schwarz ecosystem - all in a single place

The Rohde & Schwarz website offers a lot of useful information, and new content is being added constantly. From in-depth webinars, to detailed whitepapers and short but valuable app cards – it is sometimes too much to keep track of. Our new platform promises to change all of that.

By having everything in a single place, with an easy-to-use interface, finding the right answers and solutions to your current problems has never been easier. And with a simple single sign-on technology, all the content is just a click away.

Getting started is easy. You can immediately browse Knowledge+ and see what Rohde & Schwarz has to offer. For a richer experience, you can register with a few easy steps for a user account to gain access to exclusive PLUS content. Thanks to the state-of-the-art learning algorithms, you will only get the content you are really interested in – with all the noise being filtered out.

Let’s get started!

Getting started


Step 1: Explore the platform

It's that easy!

All the content on the Knowledge+ platform is free to browse! You can explore and find all the information that interests you - there are hundreds of free content items available, with exclusive PLUS content available only after creating an account. For that, let's move to Step 2!

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Step 2: Create an account

Just for you!

For a better, more customized user experience and access to PLUS content, you can create your own user account to save your preferences and bookmark all the interesting stuff! This will ensure that the content presented on the Knowledge+ platform is curated – just for you.

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Step 3: Enjoy!

All you want, and more!

Our Knowledge+ platform will continue to grow, as we add all the content that is published – immediately! From all the amazing webinars to easy-to-digest app cards – all in a single place, available at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Knowledge+?

It's a single platform for all the amazing Rohde & Schwarz content.

The longer answer: the R&S Knowledge+ is a platform with a state-of-the-art algorithm that offers uniquely personalized, high-quality content from the Rohde & Schwarz ecosystem – all in a single place; keeping you up to date with all the current and future industry challenges and relevant solutions.

What is PLUS content?

It’s top-tier, exclusive Rohde & Schwarz content.

While it takes hours and lots of resources to carefully prepare all of our webinars, whitepapers and app cards, we share them with everyone – free of charge. Our top-tier content, such as our 5G New Radio eBook that took thousands of collective hours to create – is called PLUS content, and can only be accessed after creating a user account.

Is registration necessary to access the Knowledge+?


Knowledge+ content can be accessed by anyone, any time. Due to the customized nature of the platform, however, we recommend that you register in order to improve your Knowledge+ experience. You can create preferences, save bookmark and keep an eye on interesting topics and access the exclusive PLUS content.

How much does the Knowledge+ cost?

It's free, now and forever.

The platform is designed to be a single place for all the materials that Rohde & Schwarz has created and will produce in the future. This makes learning about the topics that interest you easier and will keep you up-to-date with all the leading-edge solutions that Rohde & Schwarz has to offer.

Will the Knowledge+ help me find the content I am looking for?


This is exactly the purpose of this platform: to make the task of finding the right content as easy as possible. Based on your preferences and viewing history, combined with a state-of-the-art algorithm, content relevant to you will be offered to you on your start page.