Let's talk IoT video series

Let’s talk IoT – eSIM reloaded – now with a preinstalled test profile

This video presents the new solution specified by GSMA together with the test community to solve the question how to test my device with integrated eSIM.


Let’s talk IoT – Low power consumption with the wake-up signal (WUS)

In this video we explain how the new wake-up signal (WUS) feature specified in 3GPP Rel. 15 works and how it compares to previous power saving features.


Let’s talk IoT – Bluetooth® Low Energy testing

This video explains different way of testing Bluetooth® Low Energy. The BLE test mode supports all tests in direct test mode (DTM) without the need of a control cable.ma


Let’s talk IoT – The easy way of lab testing under real world conditions

The video demonstrates the easy-to-use Field-to-Lab test solution from Rohde & Schwarz that brings real network conditions to the lab.


Let’s talk IoT – The everlasting demand for optimizing IoT power consumption

The video explains these features and demonstrates how you can test and optimize the power consumption of your IoT device to achieve a 10 years battery life.


Let’s talk IoT – 5G mMTC: What will happen with NB-IoT and LTE-M in 5G?

But today, everyone is talking about 5G mMTC. So what will happen with NB-IoT and LTE-M in 5G? This video provides the answer.


eSIM for M2M: what does it mean for testing?

The video shows the evolution of SIMs from a full-size SIM card introduced in 1991 to the embedded SIM (eSIM) for M2M.


NGeCall – an interesting application for IoT?

The video provides a prospect of how NGeCall can be used for much more IoT applications in the future.


Testing the secure communication behavior of IoT devices

The video demonstrates how a unique test solution from Rohde & Schwarz can help to make IoT devices more secure and protect users’ privacy.


RF testing of Sigfox modules and devices

The video shows how easy it is to perform some of the essential RF tests required for the certification of Sigfox modules and devices.


Insights into LTE-M in 3GPP Release 14

This video provides a short overview about the 3GPP Release 14 features for LTE-M. It also explains in detail the new device category M2 and the positioning with OTDOA.


Sigfox in a nutshell

This video explains Sigfox and recommended test setups based on Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and analyzers to verify the most important performance parameters such as RF performance (RX and TX tests) and power consumption.


Measuring power consumption of LTE modules in connected mode

This video demonstrates precise power consumption measurements on an LTE-M (Cat-M1) device as example. We will show the impact of different parameters such as eDRX on the power consumption in connected mode.


The power of testing the Internet of Things

The new Rohde & Schwarz IoT video series explains the main test challenges the wireless IoT industry is facing in development, manufacturing and deployment of IoT devices, networks and applications.


Measuring power consumption of LTE modules in idle mode

This video demonstrates precise power consumption measurements on an LTE-M (Cat-M1) device as example. We will show the impact of different parameters such as eDRX and PSM on the power consumption in idle mode.


The importance of NB-IoT network measurements

The video shows typical NB-IoT use cases and discusses the biggest challenge in NB-IoT networks: coverage. What methods are used to increase the coverage in DL and UL direction?


LoRaWAN: Testing the receiver sensitivity

In this video, we talk about the test of the most important LPWAN performance parameters on the example of LoRaWAN and demonstrate the impact of different spreading factors on the receiver sensitivity.


NB-IoT/eMTC power saving features: eDRX vs. PSM

In this video we explain the power saving features eDRX and PSM applicable for NB-IoT and eMTC.


Bluetooth for the Internet of Things

In this video, we make a short tour on the technology evolution of Bluetooth LE to Bluetooth 5 to address the IoT market beyond wearables, PC peripherals and audio equipment.


NB-IoT network field measurements and analysis

This video demonstrates what deep insights into an NB-IoT network you get when using a network scanner and an NB-IoT device in parallel, both connected to the R&S®ROMES4 mobile network optimization software.


Demystifying LoRaWAN

The video discusses LoRaWAN, one of the most promising LPWAN technologies. Find out how it works and how to analyze LoRa signals using the R&S®RTO oscilloscope.


How to test NB-IoT network coverage

This video demonstrates how easy it is to test NB-IoT coverage with a network scanner, such as the R&S®TSMA, and the R&S®ROMES4 analysis software.


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