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Rohde & Schwarz webinars

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Trainer: Matt Hammond, Business Development Manager at Rohde & Schwarz and Anne Cortez, CEO at Washington Federal Strategies

Webinar: An overview of satellite licensing processes and the RF spectrum testing requirements

In this “Learn to Launch” webinar, regulatory licensing experts will demystify the challenging space regulatory processes and testing requirements. Participants will learn to navigate the often confusing and complicated licensing process and understand how to develop a product that is streamlined for regulatory clearance success. With three decades in space and spectrum regulatory work, Washington Federal Strategies helps space innovation companies build in-house licensing skills with the “Learn to Launch” basics class and the more rigorous “License to Launch” instruction course.

Additionally, test experts from Rohde & Schwarz will present an overview describing regulatory and EMC testing requirements, including a space regulatory and compliance test checklist for the various satellite network segments including satellite payloads, ground equipment, and launch vehicles.

Participants will gain a solid understanding of the processes required for space product licensing, spectrum selection, experimental space licensing, and space regulatory and compliance testing.