Discover next-level secure storage designed for media production

Challenging media environments involve complex workflows and require powerful, secure and easy-to-use storage designed to simplify content creation.

Built with next generation secure HPC technologies, SpycerNode2 takes storage for challenging media environments to a whole new level with its advanced data security measures, and more. It boasts new flexibility and scalability, more dynamic media performance, and its enhanced connectivity make it ideal for a broad range of project-driven workflows.  

SpycerNode2 is designed with the idea that storage for broadcast, media and post-production professionals is more than “just storage” – it sits at the center of your complex workflows and should add value to the entire media chain. From ingest to playout and mastering - without reliable storage, where would your operations be?

Storage at the center of it all

Our comprehensive range of SpycerNode storage products are designed with high connectivity to add value across the entire media chain. Discover our ingest, playout and mastering solutions, and see how Rohde & Schwarz can elevate your content creation and take your production to the next level.


The highest levels of production demand the highest level of safety

With over 85 years of experience, Rohde & Schwarz is a global leader in shaping the future of communications and information security. Data security is at the heart of our business, and we take it seriously.

The reality is that data loss is a worst-case scenario nobody wants to face. For professionals working within media production, threats to data security are heightened and a real concern of daily business - media sits within the top five highest risk industries.

We know that downtime of any kind translates to delayed projects and customer deliverables, strains on resources, risk of brand reputation, and much more. With its advanced data protection mechanisms, SpycerNode2 guarantees data integrity and high availability at all times, along with superior performance.

High availability and data security

  • No single point of failure – our erasure coding data protection mechanisms make ultra-fast rebuilds on raid sets, keep your content secure.
  • Prevent failures ahead of time - the integrated disk hospital performs automated health checks to detect faulty disks ahead of time.
  • Never lose your work – redundant raid controllers and redundant power supplies mean no single point of failover due to loss of power.
  • 100% uptime with VSA (virtual storage access) – unique to Rohde & Schwarz, VSA prevents any interruption of running media transfers, file encoding and file decoding processes during playout or ingest.
  • Rights and user permissions with directory access – data security leveled up, protect the access to your content both internally and externally.
  • Metro cluster redundancy – regardless of VSA, built-in Metro Cluster technology means high availability allowing communication with storage resources to continue after loss of vital system components.

Powerful storage to get the job done

SpycerNode2 is built to streamline workflows - it takes full advantage of the capabilities of IBM Spectrum Scale and delivers powerful and secure storage for media-focused applications.

  • Deliver 4K files 50% faster - new architecture boosts RAID and delivery performance.
  • Unlimited scaling from the first device - scale your storage to meet the needs of your business. Scale-up and Scale-out: capacity, performance or both.
  • Manage storage tiers under a single namespace - access any pool of data via native GPFS client or network protocols.
  • Focus on your creative work, let the device manager do the rest – install, maintain and service your storage setup via a web-based, easy-to-use interface with hot folders, network and cloud integration.
  • High flexibility, easy access to your data - with unified file and block level storage access.
  • High performance support for any creative application: broadcast editing or high-end film production, playout or streaming. Dynamic Media Cache, using NVMe, enhances mix file size production workflows.
  • Hybrid workflows - on-prem and cloud storage access with S3 tiering.
  • Get your head in the cloud – advanced cloud integration with S3 export function.
  • More flexible drive options – new drive bundles give flexible capacity growth with linear performance increases.

High in productivity, low in complexity

Speed up content production and decrease project complexity - SpycerNode2 is loaded with the latest release of SpycerPAM, the answer to smooth production asset management. Designed to improve collaboration in post-production workflows, SpycerPAM is an enterprise platform for creatives in post-production - with SpycerNode2 it integrates seamlessly across your project-driven workflows and pairs with leading editing platforms and third-party software such as Adobe, Avid, DaVinci, and FCPX.

  • Project sharing - editors can quickly share projects and bins.
  • Access control of projects - easily manage access control for projects (teams, freelancers).
  • Bin Locking for Media Composer and media management for Premiere projects - Avid MC editors benefit from native Bin-locking, media management for Adobe editors is automated (no media offline errors).
  • Save prep time - consistent and automated project structure via templates.
  • Visual search tools for project content - editors, producers, contributors can view, comment, and approve content in projects.
  • Archival and retrieval of projects – projects archived or retrieved as one item, find and repurpose old material and projects.
  • Remote working and external stakeholder approval made easy - remote access to projects and project-related media means editors can work remotely or in the facility.
  • Review and approval workflows across multi-sites – approve processes from anywhere in the world and integrate into the production process.
Black Photon

Providing secure and flexible central storage for Black Photon

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