Flexibility in spectrum monitoring

Transportable monitoring stations

Flexibility in spectrum monitoring

Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring stations complement fixed and mobile stations in day-to-day operations. They can be deployed at any site for spectrum clearance tasks, identifying sporadic radio interference or other temporary measurements. The compact and light-weight design of these systems offers excellent flexibility, minimal infrastructure requirements and simple setup.

Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring stations can be controlled remotely or operated in automatic measurement mode. The systems can detect, identify and locate sporadic interference or perform preventive spectrum monitoring such as in the context of major events.

These systems can detect irregularities early on – defective devices, such as faulty discharge lamps, intermodulation or unauthorized transmissions – and help to track down their source. The systems can perform autonomous 24/7 radio surveillance and automatically trigger recordings, alarms or take other actions.

The weatherproof design of the Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring stations enables outdoor operations. Besides a power supply, the systems require no further connections. These minimal infrastructure requirements along with their large range of options and accessories make transportable monitoring stations highly flexible in any environment.

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