RF & microwave component testing

RF & microwave component testing

Latest technologies in wireless communications, automotive and aerospace & defense call for higher frequencies and larger bandwidths. IoT and wearable devices for e-health have to minimize power consumption to extend battery lifetime. Components need to address the challenging requirements of mobility, connectivity, highest data rates, robustness and power efficiency.

To pick one example, 5G NR is driving demand in multiple directions that are as diverse as the various applications for 5G. For the first time, mass products will go up to microwave frequencies in the 28 GHz or 39 GHz range, enabling high data rates through wide RF bandwidths of hundreds of MHz. Beamforming will be an essential part of the 5G system. Antenna designs and RF frontends (including RF upconverters, filters and amplifiers) will look different than common solutions from former standards.

Engineers face complex challenges when designing, developing and testing new components. When building modules and complex systems, engineers need to select the best solution for their specific environment and make sure it performs. Our comprehensive test and measurement solutions include high-end lab equipment and cost-efficient production solutions.


Webinar: A summary of testing RF power amplifier designs

Broadcast Date: February 15, 2022

This webinar is intended for engineers who work on RF power amplifier design and test. It will cover the purposes of research & development, characterization and production.

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Webinar: Investigate RF power amplifier linearization benefits in EDA - including a comparison to hardware test

This webinar is intended for engineers who design RF frontends and RF power amplifiers and striving for the best possible error vector magnitude (EVM) performance.

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Webinar: From design to real RF device – connecting EDA simulation and hardware test

This webinar is intended for engineers who design RF components and systems using tools for simulation and hardware test.

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Solutions for RF components & modules

Data converter design & testing

In communications and many industrial sectors, data converters are an essential part of all RF designs.

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Oscillator, clock and PLL testing

Oscillators are used for RF synthesis and as clocks in digital designs.

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Mixers and frequency converter testing

Mixers are used for modulators, phase detectors, frequency converters and synthesizers in many RF systems.

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Amplifier testing

Power amplifiers get the RF signal to the right power level to ensure proper transmission.

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Passive component testing

Passive components include RF filters, combiners, switches, couplers, cables, connectors and PCB boards.

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Antenna testing

Antennas are receiving more and more attention in the system level design due to MIMO and active beamforming.

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From electronic design automation (EDA) to hardware implementation

App Card

From electronic design automation (EDA) to hardware implementation

Linking EDA design simulation and hardware testing to enable an easy, straightforward process flow and first-pass design.

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Wireless communication testing

Wireless technology is complex and sophisticated. Our test & measurement solutions help you master new technology standards in product design and production.

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Aerospace & defense test and measurement

In the aerospace and defense industry, innovation and disruptive technologies are key success factors in the design, verification and testing of electronic systems.

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Electronic design

Latest trends such as IoT, green energy, and lifestyle demand new designs enabling mobility, connectivity, performance, efficiency, robustness and data rates.

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