5G wideband signal generation and analysis

How you benefit from Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement solutions in your 5G mmWave projects.

Substantially higher bandwidth modes are one of the technology components discussed in 5G to achieve higher data rates. They are only available at significantly higher carrier frequencies compared with today’s cellular network implementations below 6 GHz. 3GPP has initially defined a frequency range of 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz for 5G NR cmWave and mmWave operation. First commercial deployments will use 26 GHz to 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequencies.

5G NR frequency allocations
5G NR frequency allocations

Your 5G test challenges

The single carrier channel bandwidth and carrier aggregation determine the overall bandwidth requirements. A maximum channel bandwidth per 5G NR carrier of 100 MHz for the sub-6 GHz range and 400 MHz for the mmWave range plus multiple carrier aggregation leads to a bandwidth requirement of up to 2 GHz. For the cellular industry, the spectrum above 6 GHz is a new area, and component developers are facing many challenges such as higher path attenuation, frequency response and phase noise as well as linearity and efficiency aspects. Developers need flexible test and measurement solutions to generate and analyze such 5G wideband signals in order to develop and optimize their designs.

Example of a test setup supporting 5G NR signal generation and analysis
Test setup supporting 5G NR signal generation and analysis

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz 5G test solutions

The top performing 5G wideband signal generator and analyzer on the market help you optimize your design:

  • 2 GHz internal modulation bandwidth and a frequency range of up to 40 GHz enables R&D engineers to generate 5G signals with extremely wide bandwidth up to microwave frequencies.
  • 5G wideband signal demodulation with up to 2 GHz internal analysis bandwidth and up to 90 GHz carrier frequency eliminates the need for external downconversion components.
  • 5G-ready integrated personalities to generate and analyze wideband signals in all areas – from research and development to production testing.
  • Generation of typical test scenarios such as coexistence tests with LTE or wide bandwidth 5G signals in the microwave range with a single instrument.
  • Frequency response correction options compensate for cables, connectors and test fixtures used in the test setup.

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