FM Technology

VHF sound broadcasting remains one of the most popular information and entertainment media in all highly developed and densely populated regions of the world. Its widespread distribution and acceptance is due to its excellent sound quality and to its extremely cost-efficient receivers, which can be found in virtually all homes and vehicles.

VHF band II (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) is used worldwide for broadcasting; Japan and various countries from the former Eastern bloc also continue to use the 65 MHz to 74 MHz range (OIRT band). The prevailing modulation mode is FM, which enables each transmitter to transmit a stereo program in hi-fi quality. In addition, it is possible to transmit data (RDS, traffic updates) with very small bit rates.

Rohde & Schwarz – the company that manufactured the first VHF transmitter – continues to drive this field by providing state-of-the-art innovations.

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