Rohde & Schwarz has always believed in sustainable management, combined with the highest standards of quality, safety and ecology. We are committed to this standard established by our founders. Our products are known for their utility, reliability, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency.

Our management system and the business processes are subject to continuous analysis and improvement. That is essential if we are to take into account the expectations of our customers and other interested parties and manage our business sustainably. This ensures our business success.

The annual targets derived from the corporate strategy support our commitment to continuous improvement. Products and processes are developed on the basis of the latest technological standards.We see it as our duty to protect the environment and therefore see it as a priority to conserve resources. In this context, we identify and assess the effects of our business activities on the environment and climate change.

Quality management, occupational safety and environmental protection are management tasks. Our managers promote the implementation of our management system by acting as role models, always treating the health and safety of our workforce as a top priority.
Our qualified employees actively help to achieve these goals by acting in accordance with safety, environmental and quality standards.

We strictly observe and implement all relevant laws, standards and regulations as well as contractual obligations. We also utilize any other information offering improvements in safety and environmental protection as it becomes available. To the same extent that we adapt to the individual requirements of our customers, we require our business partners, where appropriate, to adopt our principles and guidelines. In that way we contribute as a member of society to environmental responsibility, occupational safety and high-quality procurement parts.

We cooperate on a trusting and open basis with our customers, suppliers, public authorities, institutions, other companies and the public.

Executive Commitment

Peter Riedel, President and COO

Peter Riedel, President and COO

"At Rohde & Schwarz, we are committed to achieving world-leading quality as our primary goal in everything we do. Our customers' satisfaction is our benchmark. We want to contribute to their success.

We are proud of the fact that our employees have been living up to this philosophy for decades, repeatedly creating technological milestones that have won us customers' respect and recognition.

We will continue to breathe life into this rich tradition of quality through continual development. We will do everything in our power to be a reliable partner for our customers."

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to sustainable business practices, and see this as a collective task across all divisions and company processes. In realizing our visions of sustainability, the route we take in getting there is as important as the destination itself. We are careful to keep each step small and manageable. While the goal is to come as close as we can to a sustainable way of living and doing business, this ideal changes and develops over the course of time.

With the help of our integrated management system, we can ensure that we put the goals outlined in our corporate philosophy into practice effectively, and that we continually improve our processes and activities. By actively involving all employees (at Rohde & Schwarz, each individual is responsible for quality assurance and environmental protection in their sphere of influence), we have succeeded in anchoring this management system in all our divisions.

In addition to our general sustainability commitment, we pay particular attention to respecting and protecting the environment in our business processes. Through ISO 14001 compliance, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates its commitment to pollution prevention, environmental regulatory compliance and continual improvement, as well as its dedication to its employees and the community (see also Environment).

Customer-oriented quality approach

Lasting customer satisfaction is our primary quality objective. We are committed to meet or exceed customer expectations with respect to quality, service, delivery and cost. Every day, in everything we do, we aim to satisfy and even exceed this commitment by:

  • Consistently meeting or surpassing customer expectations regarding product quality and performance, and short response times
  • Thoroughly understanding customer needs
  • Delivering products and services in a timely manner to meet customer requirements
  • Continually improving our processes and systems
  • Ensuring our personnel are properly trained to fully serve our customers

To ensure maximum quality, Rohde & Schwarz has adopted a quality management model that allows customers to play a significant role in defining requirements.

Knowledge of customers' perception of our performance is the basic prerequisite for target-oriented action. The Management System ensures that customer needs and expectations are continuously identified, translated into requirements, implemented and monitored. We focus our efforts on building strong customer relationships, which results in products in line with the market'’s demands for features and quality.

Product quality

Rohde & Schwarz strives to lead the industry in product quality and value, and consistently and conscientiously produces products that meet contract specifications and customer requirements. Components and purchased products are subject to the same quality requirements as our own products.

Our understanding of product quality is total. Each product must measure up to our high standards concerning features, performance, design and ease of use, correctness of specifications, reliability, serviceability, environmental compatibility, longevity and sustainability, power consumption, operational safety, software integrity, conformity to industry standards, and low total cost of ownership.

This understanding of quality is reflected in all product-relevant processes and guidelines in planning, development, purchasing, production, service and improvement management.

Malware policy

Rohde & Schwarz recognizes the potential risk of computer malware infection that may be posed by instruments capable of connecting to computers or networks (LAN).

Rohde & Schwarz is dedicated to ensuring that all our products are shipped free of viruses and other computer malware.

Rohde & Schwarz has established several processes within the company, to take all reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of viruses and other computer malware from instruments to our customers’ computers and networks:

  • All computers used within Rohde & Schwarz that may be connected to instruments destined for customers are equipped with centrally managed firewall and anti-virus programs, and maintain the latest virus definitions; computers and removable memory devices are scanned regularly to prevent the spread of computer viruses
  • Strict malware control protocols have been enacted in production, service, support, sales, distribution and demonstration environments; this includes the use of isolated LANs, scanning of instruments and removable memory devices and/or re-imaging hard drives, as appropriate depending on instrument configuration
  • To reinforce anti-virus security protocols throughout Rohde & Schwarz, instructions have been established for all employees who come in contact with customer instruments; this includes all personnel in production, service, support, sales and distribution

The steps described above help to ensure that any instrument from Rohde & Schwarz will be free of computer malware when delivered to our customers.

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