This is Counter-drone at Rohde & Schwarz

This is Counter-drone at Rohde & Schwarz

Counter-Drone from the air?!

By developing our counter-drone solutions like ARDRONIS, we significantly and discreetly contribute to the protection of critical infrastructures or large-scale events. Our developers and engineers combine thousands of requirements into one system while remaining grounded. Well, that's the true hero life! ;) Surrounded by state-of-the-art technologies, we, along with 14,000 colleagues worldwide, optimize solutions for a safe and connected world. Are you in? Apply now!

You want to be part of our team and shape the future of counter-drone solutions? We are looking for dedicated talents who share our passion for innovation and security.

Discover exciting career opportunities nationwide in cities like Stuttgart, Kiel, Berlin, Dresden, Teisnach, Memmingen, Munich, and many more. Take a look at our job board and apply now!

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Countering drones 2.0: Your safety with ARDRONIS!

Drones are the trend aircraft of our time. They enable breathtaking aerial shots, support rescue services in opaque situations, and may even bring our packages to our doorstep tomorrow. The possibilities seem almost limitless. However, with this the risk to air traffic and general safety also increases. Our answer to this challenge? The innovative counter-drone solution R&S®ARDRONIS.

Our holistic approach allows the detection, identification, localization, tracking, and verification of non-cooperative threats. The real challenge is filtering out drone signals among the thousands of signal sources in ISM bands. With our years of experience in signal analysis, we can influence the control signals of unwanted drones without interfering with other radio connections in the same frequency band. In addition to radar, acoustic sensors, and innovative effectors, our developers and engineers leverage their comprehensive knowledge to develop advanced systems for detecting and defending against GPS-driven or autonomous drones. Innovation is not only part of our DNA - it is our driving force for the future of countering drones.

Beyond the Surface: Exploring Rohde & Schwarz

Employee interview: Martin Schelkle 29

"Our systems help to ensure protection."

Martin explains how we contribute to protecting critical infrastructure with our systems.

Employee interview: Benoit 21

"it is very encouraged to innovate here"

Benoit explains how R&S makes it possible to patent inventions with 2-3 hours of work.

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