Make ideas real - with the perfect job

Make ideas real - with the perfect job.

Right now we have several job openings for you.

Why work with us

As a family-owned and independent company, we have operated along the entire value chain for more than 85 years. We develop, produce and market ideas and products that enrich all of our lives. Our 12,000 employees are laying the foundations for smart cities, the internet of things and the telecommunications standards of the future. They represent the cornerstone of our long-term success. How about you – would you like to turn your remarkable ideas into real innovations? Our company offers an entrepreneurial environment with the freedom you need to do so. Bring your creativity on board and work with us to shape the future of a secure and networked world.


Who is Rohde & Schwarz?

Here’s a little introduction into the essence of us: Our people, our technology, our mission. This film shows you how we live enthusiasm and an innovative spirit.

Are you interested in learning how we master the wireless digital technologies? Actually, Hollywood movies would look very different if we were not involved.

How do the people at Rohde & Schwarz work and celebrate together? What is it that makes us so successful?

Curious? Well, feel free to take a glimpse.

Make ideas real!

Our people – our projects

Our next Technology Talk

Do you want to participate in exciting discussions about current technological topics? Then visit our next "Technology Talk" on January 23, 2020, where we will discuss mmWave. We look forward to receiving your registration.

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C++ Meet-up at Rohde & Schwarz

We are looking forward to welcoming system architect Nicolai Josuttis to our next C ++ meetup on March 11, 2020 in Munich. He will talk about C ++ 17 and will show code examples to give everyone an idea of how powerful the new standard really is.

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Germany's best trainee is from Rohde & Schwarz

On December 9, 2019, the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) honored the best trainees. One of the prizewinners this year was again a trainee from Rohde & Schwarz. Martin Niedermeier received the award for best electronics technician for information and system technology in 2019.

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Our Developers Conference

Our developers are the company’s movers and shakers, shaping our future with outstanding solutions that will even impress our grandchildren. That’s why Rohde & Schwarz has established its own developers conference.

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We bring smart cities to life

Did you know that Rohde & Schwarz is building the foundations of smart cities? In smart cities, practically everything and everyone will be connected: vehicles, buildings, infrastructures and people. Find out who are the smart minds behind smart cities at Rohde & Schwarz.

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Our second home is Hollywood

One of our development teams has been working on groundbreaking technology for the world of cinema. If you prefer to stream your favourite movies you’ll be benefitting from the team’s ideas as well. Learn more about them.

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Air traffic safety: we take responsibility

This team from Rohde & Schwarz ensures that we can board an aircraft feeling good. In order to experience safe takeoff and landing, perfectly synchronized communication is key. And much more. These four dedicated colleagues explain this "more" in detail.

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Growing along with Rohde & Schwarz

Every day our employees meet customers‘ expectations with passion, dedication and intelligence. Therefore it is crucial to support them in their technical, professional and personal development. Learn more about the colleagues who are growing along with Rohde & Schwarz.

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From Singapore to Munich

We attach great importance to promoting international cooperation. Our student program "Poly goes UAS" helps us doing just that. It enables students from Singapore to complete a work/study degree program at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. Our student Pei Heng talks about the challenges he has encountered in Germany.

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