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Change or Upgrade from EMC32-L to EMC32-E/-C


Is it possible to perform an upgrade from EMC32-L to EMC32-E (Emission) or at least to EMC32-C (includes immunity software)? Is it possible to use the datasets of EMC32-L with EMC32-E/-C?


Yes, it is possible. However the EMC32-E software part is a new installation (hardlock protected) and allows semi- and fully automated EMI- tests with external accessories included, such as mast- ,turntable- or slideway systems, the EMC32-L is restricted to work only with EMI Test Receiver ESPI series and manual or semi automated modes.

To perform an upgrade/ new installation from EMC32-L to EMC32-E or EMC32-C the procedure below has to be carried out. It is also possible to use your EMC32-L datasets with EMC32-C/-E which can be used furtheron.

Please do the following steps for your upgrade:

1.) At first you have to uninstall EMC32-L. Multiple installations on the same PC is not allowed.

Use the uninstall wizard to remove EMC32-L from your PC.

2.) After that your EMC-32-L datasets remain on your harddisk.

3.) Install EMC32-E/ -C now. You have to choose the directory you have already used for EMC32-L. The EMC32 includes a wizard that helps you to install and to adjust the new software.

4.) With the next start of EMC32, you are able to use your existing datasets.

Important note:

Before you will remove EMC32-L from your PC, we recommend a safety-copy of the installation path directories "../System", "../Tests" and "../Execute/Configuration/EMC32.DeviceList".