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Language: EN
Presenter: Josef Müller, Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar: Safeguarding efficient network operation by R&S service solutions

Broadcast Distribution Webinars

Safeguarding efficient network operation by R&S service solutions

24/7 operation is crucial for broadcast video and audio networks. Additional to the system reliability itself, it is also necessary to secure the operation via fitting services. Next to reliability, efficient operation is key for long-term success. Therefore, Rohde & Schwarz not only delivers highest quality in terms of broadcast systems, but also offers a broad portfolio of additional services. The global footprint of R&S provides a worldwide support network you can rely on. A customized service level agreement offers a broad range of different services and secures agreed conditions. As todays networks are changing, so are the offered services. You probably might be surprised what is already included in our service portfolio and what will come in future.

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