Mobile network infrastructure testing

Mobile network infrastructure testing

Creating the base for cellular communication

Mobile network infrastructure testing from design to production

Radio access network (RAN) landscapes deploy different kinds of infrastructure equipment. They range from macro to small cell base stations and include distributed antenna systems, repeaters, active antennas, radios and mobile backhaul. Constantly developing technology up to 5G, new use cases and the ever-present demand for economic efficiency are drivers of the mobile network equipment industry.

Particularly 5G New Radio challenges infrastructure equipment testing due to increasing MIMO complexity and beamforming, wider bandwidths and new spectrum bands up to mmWave. The ever-increasing diversification and complexity of mobile network infrastructure equipment is often combined with demands such as cost efficiency and fast time-to-market. These requirements need to be reflected in innovative and flexible test and measurement solutions.

Rohde & Schwarz offers class-leading mobile network infrastructure testing solutions to address these various needs and to enable leveraging the opportunities of 5G. Our solutions portfolio covers all phases of the product life cycle, from R&D of RF and digital designs, design validation and integration to 3GPP defined base station conformance testing and production testing.

A complete portfolio for testing 5G mobile network infrastructure equipment

Rohde & Schwarz offers a highly competitive selection of wideband signal generation and analysis solutions. Our wide T&M portfolio covers full 5G bandwidth and frequencies, including the new 5G NR mmWave range. The portfolio for mobile network infrastructure testing offers an extensive range of features and application software to address new communication standards as well as transmitter, receiver and performance testing challenges. Included are application software for simplifying the dedicated test setup and for speeding up the testing process. This is important in production environment, where network equipment vendors can boost the testing performance and significantly speed up the number of test jobs per time.

Higher component integration and mmWave range require over-the-air (OTA) testing. Another feature of the new wireless technology is its increasing reliance on MIMO technologies to enable beamforming. Consequently, the T&M solutions must support these advances in technology and offer a new kind of test methodology.

Rohde & Schwarz has gained thorough experience in OTA testing. Our outstanding OTA testing solutions are ideal for verifying massive MIMO FR1 and FR2 mobile network infrastructure equipment – while featuring the smallest test chamber footprints. T&M equipment from Rohde & Schwarz provide you with easy-to-use, accurate and effective methods for verifying beamforming components and also support real-time power statistics and optimization of power consumption.

Future-proof solutions with efficiency benefits

Common industry drivers not only lead the entire mobile network ecosystem, but also demand tailored, future-proof T&M solutions. Profit from a variety of application optimized T&M solutions for the whole product life cycle from R&D to production, ranging from high-performance to mid-range and cost-efficient optimized products for production testing.

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Digital design testing for mobile network infrastructure

Find out more about digital design, high-speed digital interface, and power electronics testing for mobile network infrastructure equipment.

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Small cell infrastructure testing

Streamline 5G small cell testing with comprehensive, high-performance solutions that are 3GPP-compliant and meet 5G NR requirements.

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Testing O-RAN

Opening virtualized networks with O-RAN demands suitable test and measurement solutions

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3GPP base station conformance testing

Discover leading-edge test solutions for all 3GPP base station conformance testing.

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Brochure: 5G Mobile Network Infrastructure Testing

Download this T&M solution guide to learn more about the significance of R&D testing, RF design verification, multi-channel signal generation & analysis and more.

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Infographic: Creating the base of 5G

We take you on the journey of testing 5G infrastructure equipment from design to network installation to serve latest infrastructure trends.

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Tailored OTA BTS test solution for FR2

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5G multichannel MIMO testing for FR1

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High performance RF testing for 5G BTS production

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Compact and flexible CATR system for 5G FR2 testing presented by Rohde & Schwarz

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Demystifying 5G – 5G NR coexistence with LTE – testing dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), part 1

Video: Dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS)

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Webinar: Over-the-air testing using plane-wave synthesis: from theory to realization

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