How to use harmonic mixers with different R&S®FSW bandwidth options

The R&S®FSW offers a variety of different bandwidth options and makes it possible to combine these with external harmonic mixers to enlarge the analyzer’s frequency range up to 325 GHz. This application card will give some guidance as to the possible combinations of bandwidth options and mixers in conjunction with the needed IF frequencies.

How to use harmonic mixers with different bandwidth options

Your task

For testing automotive radar sensors, analyzing millimeterwave radar/imaging applications, checking wideband communications applications or testing microwave links, it is often necessary to enlarge the frequency range of the signal and spectrum analyzer in place. One possibility is obviously to use external mixers (e.g. harmonic mixers).

Rohde & Schwarz solution

The analyzer simply has to be equipped with the R&S®FSW-B21 option.

The following harmonic mixers are available: R&S®FS-Z60, R&S®FS-Z75, R&S®FS-Z90, R&S®FS-Z110, R&S®FS-Z140, R&S®FS-Z170, R&S®FS-Z220, R&S®FS-Z325, you will find all detailed information in the PDF file.

Possible combinations of bandwidths and mixers, indicating the required IF frequencies (in MHz).
You will find all detailed information regarding our frequency range in the PDF file and also refer to the R&S®FSW data sheet, section IF input – IF frequency (page 38).


Using the tables, in the PDF file, you can easily determine what mixer/analyzer settings are needed to perform the desired measurement.

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