FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Baud Rate Setting Resets After Power Line Disconnection


If the FSHx was removed from the power line, the baud rate setting is lost.

The default baud rate of 19200 baud is set.

This effect is independent of the battery.


The baud rate of the serial connection is stored in the RAM memory of the FSHx.

This memory is powered by the power line.

After a disconnection from the power line, you can easily eliminate the effect described by you by using the following routine :

Use the default baud rate of 19200 baud as the first command, and then set the baud rate to the desired value.

Use the following command:



baud,3<cr> (set baud rate to 115,200, for example)

0<cr> (responds ok with current baud rate; instrument is set to new baud rate)

This command is also available in the standby state (OFF).

You can afterwards continue with the optimal baud rate.