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HMC804x - Which sampling rates are available for the mesurements?


When using the HMC804x I am not sure about the sampling rates showing up on the display or being used for the logging values. In the Technical Data Section of the manual I can only find some information in the Logging section:

1000 Sa/s,100 Sa/s,10 Sa/s, 1 to 3600 Sa/s

What exactly does it mean? The display always seems to refresh some times per second. Are these integrated values?


The display information is set to 4 Hz (FW 1.400) refresh rate. When using the logging function it is possible to set a logging interval in the following steps:

1 / 10 / 100 ms, 1-3600 s which leads to 1000 /100 / 10 Sa/s and 1-3600 s/Sa.

The measurement will not be integrated. The value is achieved by a single measurement.