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How to create a waveform containing two different sine waves?


I want to use the HMExplorer to create one waveform with a 600 kHz and a 900 kHz sine wave.

How shall I do this?


Please use the HMExplorer to create one waveform for the 600 kHz and one for the 900 kHz sine wave in the arbitrary mode. Then please combine both waveforms via the sum function to one waveform.

Pre-conditions are:

  • all waveforms must have the number of points
  • all waveforms must consist of whole sine waves

In this example it means in detail that I create two waveforms with 1000 points.

One waveform has 2 whole sine waves for the 600kHz waveform and the other has 3 whole sine waves for the 900kHz waveform:


A check of the output signal with an oscilloscope shows a good result