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How to generate CMW Mars message log file from existing test runs that are saved on the CMW


How can offline logs analyzed with CMW Mars message viewer tool for existing test runs that are saved on the CMW.


You have to do a little step before to convert the logs into .mslog or .rsmsglog format that is readable by the MarsViewer

  • Choose the log folder that you want to analyze D:\Rohde-Schwarz\CMW\Log\<base firmware version>\<date+time testrun>
  • Navigate to the folder of the message signaling log that you want to see e.g. \lte_sig1\session00
  • Here you find the ”merge_logs.bat” script that will generate the .msglog and .rmsglog that you can open with the MARS viewer tool.

P.S: The log content of .msglog and .rmsglog is the same, it is only a different data structure.